10 Last Minute Reminders for your Call Center Job Interview

Knowing how to answer common call center interview questions is never enough. The interviewer will not only be listening to your answers but would also be observing HOW you answer his/her questions. For this matter, it is important to keep in mind some behaviors that you need to exhibit and avoid.



1.) Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is a good way of showing self-confidence.Remember that call centers are looking for assertive and competitive individuals. So if you’re not any of that, it’s good to at least look like you are.

2.) Maintain Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture is also a good practice that one should exhibit during a job interview. As with averting the eyes of the interviewer, slouching would make you look as if you’re unconfident and timid.

3.) Smile

It is a very good idea to wear a warm smile on your face. A smile would definitely make you comfortable and confident aside from making the interviewer feel at ease.

4.) Talk Slow

When I say talk slow, I mean speak clearly. When you speak too fast, there is a huge tendency to mumble. If you have a non-neutral accent, enunciating is a very good way to make your accent neutral.

5.) About hand gestures

While hand gestures are alright, be sure to minimize them. Excessive hand gestures can have the potential of making the interviewer uncomfortable. If you’re more comfortable using hand gestures, use them minimally.

6.) Voice Level

Often, interviews are conducted in enclosed spaces. It is a good idea to tone your voice down if you are inside a small room .If you are a soft-spoken person, be sure to make your voice louder if you are in an open area.

7.) Fillers

Instead of using the usual ummhs and uuuhhs, a good filler is a prolonged ‘and’ and ‘then’ (E-e-ennd, D-e-e-en). Silence is not so bad all the time. A two-second silence is definitely allowed.

8.) Accent

You can still pass your call center job interview with a neutral accent. The best way to achieve a neutral accent is to talk slow and enunciate. Don’t bother procuring an American accent, it would only make you look silly and desperate.

9.) Absolutely NO Tagalog

It is pretty hard to speak in straight English for a good fifteen minutes or so. It is inevitable that a Tagalog word may slip out of your mouth. If the worst happened and the Tagalog word did escape, carry on as well as if nothing happened.

10.) Nervousness

Nervousness would usually be common among those applicants Just think that nobody ever needs to know that you failed. You can also keep this thought in mind when the butterflies set in: there are many call centers out there.

by Kerleen Tesorero,
Published November 26, 2018