5 Most Common Call Center Agent Problems and How to Solve them.

Call centers appear at the front line of providing customer services. Our company would like to to help on some issues and provide solutions. While there are several issues that can bog down a call center and impact its efficiency and output, 5 common problems stand out. By overcoming these issues, businesses can effectively chart out their route towards improving customer experiences.

1.) Absenteeism

 As an agents, find ways to attend events you are interested in, in what activities you like to participate, what are your passions, and keep an eye on these events, activities and celebrations. This way you cantry to do something to reduce your absenteeism. For example, you can stream sports events in the break room, you can adjust schedules to let go earlier on concert dates and remind yourself importance of your work. You might as well attend activities or events that being offered in your company.

2.) Attrition

One of the biggest concerns facing employers globally is how to retain employees. Excessive absenteeism often leads to force resign, to reduce this, employer needs to adapt Employee Retention Strategies: Feedback also achieves another very important goal of letting the employee know that the organization is watching out for her. Have fun with your teammates. Good work will be achieved when Employees received rewards more than their usual income.

3.) Call Center Agent Engagement

After a period of time, the tedious nature of a call center job and the constant stress of attaining targets erode away the enthusiasm of most employees. This results in call center agents losing interest in their work and becoming demoralized, followed by absenteeism and finally, attrition.

As a preventive measure, try innovative measures to increase the motivation level of employees. Simple strategies like incorporating recreational activities during work days, organizing team building activities, etc. can go a long way in boosting the morale of employees and keeping them interested in their job. Another effective measure is to recognize and encourage employee achievements. Such small changes can create an enjoyable work environment and keep employees engaged.

4.) Lack of a Defined Career Graph

The lack of a defined path for career growth leaves call center agents clueless about where they are proceeding in their career. The inevitable result is that organizations run the risk of losing talented and trained staff.

Here in Mueller to keep employees interested in their job and the organization, we make sure to explain to them about the opportunities that exist and the realistic timescale needed to attain them. If there are no short term opportunities available, involve on our employees in other aspects of the business. We try to create prospects where they can attain skills needed for future management positions.


5.) Low First Call Resolution Rate

  First call resolution (FCR) is one of the most critical facets of attaining customer satisfaction. But the growing nature of complex queries from customers often makes it impossible for call center agents to offer an immediate reply or solution. If the caller has to end up calling more than once to resolve the same issue, obviously customer satisfaction drops down.

A good way to handle the issue is to engage in root-cause analysis. This involves investigating the reasons for customers calling a contact center and using that information to neutralize specific issues at source. Building a knowledge base of questions coming from the customers and adding suitable responses to them is also an effective strategy. To provide training to agents and to ensure clear communication with callers are other important measures to deal with the problem.


These are effective strategies and tactics that we know to improve customer services. Mueller Shared Services believed that giving great customer service experiences are powered by people who love what they do and where they work. We believed that giving full benefits and rewards to our employees’ results to better customer service.


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