Dealing with Angry Customer

Mueller Shared Services believed that great customer service experiences are powered by people who love what they do and where they work. It’s important we provide our call center agents with proper tools, training on how they can handle irate customer with grace.

How to be a successful agent?

Have you ever worked in a call center company? Or are you planning to work in this kind of industry? Today, the BPO industry  is one of the biggest industries in the Philippines. 

Out of the Box Interview

You may have heard about and prepared for the most common interview questions out there, but what about the wild cards?

5 Best Tips on Starting a Career

Mueller believes in everyone’s ability to pursue a call center career. If others can, you can also make it. If you are here to ask us how to get it started in a call center here are the 5 Best Tips we found for you to ponder and practice:

10 Last Minute Reminders for your Call Center Job Interview

Knowing how to answer common call center interview questions is never enough. The interviewer will not only be listening to your answers but would also be observing HOW you answer his/her questions. For this matter, it is important to keep in mind some behaviors that...

The Dos and Don'ts of Celebrating Valentine's Day in the Workplace

Do bring Valentine’s Day goodies for the whole office. By bringing enough for everyone you can celebrate without singling anyone out or playing favorites.Putting out a candy dish with Valentines treats, getting donuts for....