Business Philosophy

Our Mission

We tailor unique solutions for each of our clients based on what their business goals are: ranging from
building multi-channel operations, creating future-proof strategies or driving their digital transformation.
Building those relationships across every channel, every interaction, and every day – that’s not so simple.
The always on, multi channel world in which we live creates challenges for companies and customers alike. Our integrated platform includes consulting, technology, care and growth services. This holistic
approach allows us to design and deliver exceptional experiences across channels and geographies. We bring our smiles to the office and deliver superior customer service and outbound telemarketing cam-paigns. We assist small and medium sized companies by delivering unbeatable call center services at a low cost. Our Philippines call centers specialize in telemarketing, customer service, and data entry, as well as non-traditional call center services such as web development and transcription.

Our Vision

To be the company where people are happy to be a part of. That vision extends beyond the borders of our
company and into the relationships we keep with our customers, partners and suppliers. Our willingness to
invest in forward oriented innovation and embrace a new economic era led to the success of Mueller.
Established on a note of promise and with the right mind-set, this strategic turn redesigns our ability to tap into a world of new opportunities and results. We believe in being connected to our customers in a manner that allows us to understand their business thoroughly. This provides us with insight and commitment in order to provide the right services and solutions.

Mueller’s Culture

With a culture based in business analytics and built around a proprietary, Six Sigma based Performance
Maximization Model, we managed our growth carefully in order to provide our clients with “best-in- class
partner care” and the highest levels of performance. Each and every client shares our desire to use business analytics to leverage their data in key sales and marketing decisions, as well as, process improvements to improve efficiency and reduce costs.