Dealing with Angry Customer


Tips on how to Deal with Angry Customers: (Mock calls)

Mueller Shared Services believed that great customer service experiences are powered by people who love what they do and where they work. It’s important we provide our call center agents with proper tools, training on how they can handle irate customer with grace. How we handle these interactions can either lead to a successful resolution of their issue or losing the customer forever. That’s why we got and an idea and these simple step-by-step on how Call center Agents should deal with Angry/Irate Customers:

L– Listen
I– Identify the problem
A– Apologize and explain
R– Resolve it



Be an active listener.  Active listening means you’re not only hearing what the customer says. It means ALSO hearing what the customer is NOT saying.

Act like a water. When you notice the customer you are talking to is acting like a flame or just very angry at the current situation, conversely, you must act like a water. This technique will prevent the already unstable situation from getting out of control.

2.) Identify the Problem

Provide all the knowledge base and basic information of the product. Mostly, it is where Call Center Representatives get an idea on how they can solve customers’ question.

Less talk more listen. We get to know the overall problem of the customer and what would be the potential solution by listening to their hearts or acknowledging the particular subject they are trying to convey regardless of their manner.

Focus on the problems and the solutions. We must know first how their problem works by focusing on their mere concern that might help you in forming the solution not their unnecessary or reaction words, this is a powerful technique. By doing this, you will eventually come up with a great solution, you will be amazed as it will come up naturally.

3.) Apologize and explain

Determine the reason behind the Customers’ problem and explain why it was and how it happened.

When to Both Apologize and Explain

You need to both apologize and explain if it was clearly the company’s fault. Example is if the customer receives a damaged or wrong item.  It is important to make them feel as if you are on their side. One way to do this is to apologize about the problem, convey empathy and then summarize their main points. Doing so will not only make the caller feel you are listening to them, it will also give them a few moments to calm down.

When to not apologize and Only Explain

If it is the customer’s fault and not the company’s, do not apologize. Period. Most agents make the mistake of saying sorry to sound empathetic. This is not a good idea. When you apologize, it makes the customer think that she could still appeal her case and would likely demand the refund she doesn’t deserve.

Love our customers. Keep in mind that our customers is our top priority. We must show love and respect to them. Remember that we get what we give so be positive at all times for the sake of them, for the sake of the company.

4.) Resolve it

In this case, call center representatives should give a solution/alternative solution. Some companies has a policies and exceptions. The best bet is to offer the closest possible resolution. It may not make the customer as happy but it will show her that you did your best to resolve the issue. Going the extra mile can make them feel more appreciated.

Take a break. Giving ourselves a break every one hour can make us more productive. Just deliberately inhale and exhale in 10 minutes, by just observing your breath in a short period of time you will gain an advantage in dealing with our customers. This will not just help you cope with the stressful situation more efficient, it will also make your customers happy.